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From web novels to video games, great story telling can be told everywhere, even in the character design. Jump into the details and see what makes the worlds greatest universes tick, how their creators schemed up their art, and maybe even find your next obsession.

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Dive Into Ersetu

Dive Into Ersetu

Nineteen year-old Wilum believed he was one of the last  humans when he learns that there is a vast and frightening world beyond his sheltered reality. One that hides its many mysteries behind a judgmental gaze, branding him, “Touched by Demon,” for his awakened abilities. Wedged between war-torn conspiracies and the agenda of the divine Anunnaki, Wilum searches for answers to what happened the day his orphanage burned to the ground.

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View mobile ready 3D anime models for all characters in the ongoing web novel. Use them in Unity or Unreal Engine, and fuel your own creative stories with professional built anime models.

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The author of “When The World Became A Lie,” analyzes the most elaborate worlds and talks about what makes them special. From story writing, character development, and principle teachings, he covers it all.

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